“I was tired sitting on the fence too long, so I jumped to the side I was not facing…!” – Me 

Yes, I moved from being a pseudo HR manager to a HR Manager proper (yes my dear friends in Line functions, they do exist) Henceforth I shall make an attempt to criss-cross my experiences on both sides of the fence. My education in HR, my 3 years in line & my baby steps in HR function (pray!) will hold me in good stead!



Till March 2011:
I am an HR professional by education who has never worked as one.

Here, I compress my views on what I see & hear in my day-to-day non-HR functional roles. Somewhere an attempt to put down the perspective of the human in an employee…which is missed out in managing ‘organisational assets’ 

Employee no. *****

One response to “Tinsel

  1. Hey,

    I’ve been following your blog for a bit and was interested to hear your opinion about the use of social media for the means of recruitment.
    I am involved with a company that has developed an interesting technology for this purpose and would like to gauge the demand for such a product.

    Any feedback is welcome.


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