Hello organization!

Its been some time since I last wrote.

Something about organizations confuses me. Maybe its about how calm the ocean of people seething with inner turbulence looks to the eye. And then, maybe it is not.

Organizations are a person in their own right – formed with a combination of personalities & people – but with a distinct existence, belief & purpose of their own. Organizations think & develop character over time. Like many of us, they strive to maintain their public image of distinctness – as the talent harvest grounds, the customer centric, the resilient, the honest, the competitive. Organizations strive to achieve & maintain what resonates with their self image. It is this that spurs them on.

This paper I happened to read attempts to hint at a simple (not simplistic) picture outlining the basic objective for which an organization exists. Much like a psychometric tool and a huge focus on past displayed behavior (or trends) it attempts to make organizations concentrate on their core nature. Its like a self awareness inventory or tool upholding the existing image a system would do good to own, appreciate & act upon.

Like with any other diagnostic, the power to extract the positives out of it lies within a person – in this case the organization. Many a times, entities misappropriate their resources trying to be something other than what they are. Personality changes do (and sometimes should) happen – its just that change only happens with the acceptance of the as is. The starting point paves the way to the end.

Its high time we learnt how to embrace our strengths…


One response to “Hello organization!

  1. It’s true! Personality & People make an organization successful. And organization itself should think, learn, invest in terms of time, money and effort to make choices and achieve what they wanted always from the time of incorporation.

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