‘Oongli’ – The Finger

This is a little away from my usual observations at work. However, as one dwells on the ironies & purple truths of the lowly mighty finger, it is realized that given the amount of typing a ‘manager’ does in an average working day, it is at last, not too divorced from the actual work life of any human asset. As far as the title goes, its striking resemblance to bolly-wood movie titles nowadays cannot be ignored & therefore shall not be denied by the author, an Indian & very much influenced by this dash of masala in her otherwise hum drum mundane official existence.

The ‘oongli’ or the finger is a much used and abused organ of the human body. The Wikipedia describes it here as follows:   A finger is a type of digit, an organ of manipulation and sensation found in the hands of humans and other primates.

Overall the world has a lot many fingers 🙂 If we talk of just humans, 6,813,800,000 of them (Source US Census bureau as on 10th April, 2010) have 10 fingers each (only hands) margin of error being 2%. That makes fingers as ubiquitous as Air & paradox of plenty comes to play. No one can really do without them, but no one is really bothered about them either.

The oongli is all over television nowadays, thanks to the IPL & the Idea Cellular advertisements promoting oongli cricket. Even factions of India, who know not what the humble digits on their hands are called in hindi are forced to learn the same with the Sehwags & Abhisheks of the world promoting it. The humble digit is finally getting its due!

It is funny how cricket in India is a sure shot way to bring everything to light 🙂 The same finger which stands as an epitome of democracy during elections & (now) play cricket as well gets more money pumped in for media promotion of Value added services than to create a stable government which can do more than mere fingering of national integrity finger-wrapped among goons. It is funny, that to enable us to vote, it is tainted with un-washable ink whose mark it bears for over some time.

It’s a strange coincidence that the ruling government rules with an open hand…a palm, a congregation of fingers. It seems a little more than vary to close it to a fist an act sometimes. An open palm never accomplished much. Even to write something the fingers need to be curled around a pen (or run over a keyboard)

The say a Pen is mightier than a sword. Isn’t the hand that holds the pen stronger than the pen as well…


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