To Biscuits!

The most mundane things in life teach us so much; eating biscuits for instance!

I am refering not to the Maries & Digestives of the world that now decorate, constitute & populate the evening tea accompaniments, but to the rich, luscious, overly sweet cream biscuits we gorged on as children!

I remember my mother’s rule of having to compulsorily eat the biscuit after having polished cream off it. Cream biscuits were a religion, with rites to be performed and a sequence to be followed.

It began with a careful opening of the two biscuits. The KPI being an intact oval blob of cream on one side of one of  the biscuits. This was followed by eating of the uncreamed part before carefully licking the cream off the other side! The catch was, just the cream could not be eaten; the biscuit had to be gobbled as well.

Many a times, I tried to separate the cream fully from both sides, so as to eat it last over the comparatively drab biscuits…but to no avail! Invariably it would fall, break and ruin my KPI (friends were watching), so I stuck religiously to the aforementioned routine of cream biscuits consumption.

If we were to look at biscuits as epitomes of good and ugly bad at work, the cream would be the good (obviously). The humble cream biscuit taught us that good results cannot be achieved without working hard towards it.

Jargonizing it further: In order that the KRA of polishing off good cream from as many bisuits was achieved, it was important to have a lower down rate on one’s KPI’s (unbroken oval cream) else, even though the bonus (read dosage) wasn’t reduced, it did take the thrill out of a melting blob of chocolate cream in the mouth!

I quite liked chocolate cream biscuits…was ok with vanilla…which one did do you love?


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