Separated, by a mouse click

There is a marked increase in the number of people online in post work hours & work hours. Over the past years, employers moved from blocking social networking sites on the LAN to now allowing GTalk & Skype to facilitate voice calls over high speed internet thanks to cost cutting initiatives. Even otherwise, sites like & the likes were doing the rounds in corporate circles.

A colleague at work mentioned the other day, “One works to put food on the table”; Earn, Learn & make friends seems to be the new mantra for the new age employee who is slowly moving from lifetime employment to lifetime employability. The office-goers who spend the better part of the day in front of their machines re-login from the comforts of their homes to connect reconnect. Sometimes I wonder, where the childhood time we spent playing in the park go. Employee engagement practitioners can sure learn their bit from these social networking giants. After all, they do manage to make us part away with a portion of our ‘me-time’ to indulge in status updates to tell the world how sad or happy or annoyed we are.

Some interesting statistics to note would be:

  1. Number of people online during work
  2. Number of people online post work
  3. The Rising wave of online applications which suddenly see an upsurge in usage patterns among common friend lists. E.g. Farmville, mafia wars, or even the random quizzes. It begins as a contagious fever & spreads through virtual contacts
  4. Swelling number of people on Orkut, fB, twitter (ref: your own friend lists)
  5. Shift towards fB & twitter from Orkut triggered by none other than a common community sentiment that collectively shunned one in the favour of the other
  6. Always online syndrome- the popularity of smartphones,, data devices for broadband aka Tata Photon
  7. Number of hours spent at work(counting not only the hours of physical presence but also the office thought process that never seems to leave one’s head) & the corresponding need to reach out
  8. LinkedIn & its changing face- Most IT departments do not block this professional ‘networking’ website. LinkedIn on its part is becoming more and more personalized nowadays. What with the latest additions on personal details on professional profiles
  9. Telecom on the go-death of the landline connections (Ref 6. Above)
  10. Home internet connections Homes without internet connections
  11. Fitness fetish for mouse potatoes … How many of you have joined the gym? 🙂

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